Vampire Voltage is Draining Energy

Posted by Brooklyn Housing & Family Services on October 17, 2012

Vampire Voltage is Draining Energy
Did you know that leaving electronics plugged in sucks up to $200 in energy from your home each year? It’s called vampire voltage. Watch this video to learn how ordinary items like TVs, computers and cell phone chargers drain electricity out of outlets if left plugged in—even when they are turned off. All this energy can add up to 15 percent of your home’s electricity bill. You can eliminate vampire voltage by: • Unplugging devices not in use
• Turning off household appliances
• Using smart power strips
Learn how to identify vampire voltage and take simple steps to unwaste at unwasteNY is a free public service that brings New Yorkers together to reduce our energy waste, so that we can all live more resourcefully. At, you can find information, resources and tools to learn about energy use and set a personal goal to reduce energy waste when you join the Unwaste Network.

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